Saturday, April 26, 2008

I love IKEA continues...

Last week I used IKEA pencils for my greeting cards, this week their measuring tapes, I hope that there are no IKEA employees reading this blog… I’m not much of a collector but I’ve had these for ages and I hardly ever use them.
I inked the measuring tape with Stazon ink as they have a waxy texture and every other ink would smear, I used Basic Grey ‘Infuse’ line paper for the background and sewed the margins of the card as well as the flower stems with a sewing machine.

The top part of the card is glued with foam squares to give it some volume.

I also made a sweet bunny card to go with the pink baby booties from my previous post; the template is from "Paper Creations magazine", spring edition, that I purchased a while ago, I love this magazine. Here’s a scan of the magazine page

This is my interpretation

I also added a tail in the back

There is also a wedding card but I can't show you that one, I will next week right after the wedding!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Baby booties

Who said baby booties are only for winter? It’s freezing inside air-conditioned places during summer isn’t it? These are made from 100% organic cotton fiber, using crochet knitting needle number 2.5.

I once wrote a tutorial for knitting them, it’s still available on YNET craft forum only in Hebrew, I can translate it to English, just email me if you’re interested.

Here they are all wrapped up in a little box, it's 8.5 X 11.5cm big that's about 3.5 X 4.5 inch.

I received the tin box with a disk on key as a promotion, this is what it looked like before I embellished it with Basic Grey paper, ribbons and a congratulations rub-on.

I thought the little tin containers were so cool that I collected a few when these disks on keys were distributed, most of the people that received them were ready to throw the tin away, and wouldn’t that be a waste?

Monday, April 21, 2008


I put my eyes on Basic Grey’s new paper collection a while ago, it was February, the middle of winter, right before the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) convention and I saw the ‘Sultry’ line, such vibrant, fresh, summer looking colors, my favorite greens, pinks, browns, and fuchsia, my absolutely favorite color, I always feel it’s such a happy shade of pink isn’t it? There it was in the middle of winter....
So the first day of my Spring vacation I took out the Sultry pad and created these 2 new friendship greeting cards. The pencils are the ones from IKEA that I dyed with some pigment ink, I love these little pencils and measuring tape they have so I help myself to some every time I visit.
I was so overwhelmed by fuchsia that I went out and bought myself a fuchsia shirt, something that I wouldn’t normally wear as it’s so noticeable but I just couldn’t help it…

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vinny's birthday

Vinny's birthday was celebrated yesterday, it's a special birthday as in less then 3 weeks she is also getting married!
I had so many things to write and wish her for both events so I ended up making 2 cards and 2 presents.
I made her a scarf suitable for spring and autumn as it's made of cotton fabrics. I always find it to hot to use a wool scarf in these seasons but still feel the chilly air in the morning round my neck so I thought it's a perfect solution. I made a similar one in winter using cotton and fleece, both inspired by Aliner’s one .

And here it is wrapped up

And the card that went with it

And the second card

And the scrappy cubes I made for her using the couple's photographs, sorry it's all blurred but I'm not sure they want their faces on the Internet.
The cubes are made from solid wood and are 9X9cm', I purchased them at a Netanella's scrap party that was so much fun!

I now have 10 new cubes to embellish, 3 for my desk at work and 3 for each grandmother, the last one is for a test project.
If you create such a project note that gel glues are not recommended, as the wood absorbs all the moisture in them and the paper tends to separate from the cube, rather use double sided tacky tape, mod Podge or rubber adhesive.

Vinny IS GETTING MARRIED and she has a birthday and she's looking so radiant and happy and in love! I'm so excited for her...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Look what I got!

Laurraine (patchworkpottery on Flickr) is such a fabulous and talented creator and is also the sweetest person. I swapped my polymer clay buttons with her and received this amazing pouch in return accompanied by lovely fabrics she brought back from her trip to Japan, isn’t it perfect? I LOVE it! THANKS Laurraine!

Flip flops

Don’t you love flip flops in summer? Give them a special touch, embelish! (-:

Bag swap

The bag swap was a great idea, I love bags and it’s always nice to receive one. When Lori notified me I was preparing a bag for Keren I started laughing, from all the ladies participating I get to make a bag for a woman that sews great bags herself, quite a challenge I must say. I had a few ideas and eventually decided to knit a bag in spring pastel colors, I started off making one thing and ended up doing something else as always (-: It's my own design, has a fabric lining inside and is made of a fiber that's 70% organic cotton and 30% bamboo.

Added a card as well

Have a great summer Keren, I love the bag you made for Nili, it's gorgeous!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hosting living room

We had six 11 year old from my daughter’s class at school for an afternoon called “hosting living room”, the kids in the 5th grade are divided into groups and each group visits the home of one of the volunteers. We always volunteer, my kids love it as we get to send out our personal invitations, decide on where and when, choose whatever activity we would like to have and there are no rules except mine (-:
This time we decided to have two activities, a creative one and a game, as it’s a mixed group of boys and girls and we wanted to please them all.
For the creative activity we chose to make eraser pencil toppers from Sculpey eraser clay.
The kids had a great time, they made all kind of funny little monsters and as they were working we were talking and saying that there are no rules for monsters, they don’t have to be pretty, they don’t have to be symmetrical, you can just go wild with your imagination and I think this is why they enjoyed it so much as they didn’t spend time making it as it should be or as expected, they just let their creativity go.
I took a picture only of the 3 my daughter made as I didn't have time to take a picture of all their cerations while they were here, I was busy entertaining...

There are fantastic other projects on the Sculpey web site, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Thanks to Michal for the idea and to Ruthy for buying the clay for us!
While the eraser toppers were in the oven (30 minutes, 100 degrees Celsius) we played a great card game called ‘Pit deluxe’, it’s such a fast-paced game that encourages shouting and yelling, You have to be well prepared in order to play it especially with kids (-:
Oh BOY the neighbors will never forgive me because the noise was unbelievable but the kids had a great time and that is what’s important to me after all. I think that most kids hear most of the time grown ups asking them to be quiet and here they were asked to make a noise, they appreciated that! Thanks to Koby for introducing the game to us.
They each left when the afternoon was over with a huge smile on their faces and my daughter was so happy and when she’s happy I’m happy.