Friday, April 11, 2008

Bag swap

The bag swap was a great idea, I love bags and it’s always nice to receive one. When Lori notified me I was preparing a bag for Keren I started laughing, from all the ladies participating I get to make a bag for a woman that sews great bags herself, quite a challenge I must say. I had a few ideas and eventually decided to knit a bag in spring pastel colors, I started off making one thing and ended up doing something else as always (-: It's my own design, has a fabric lining inside and is made of a fiber that's 70% organic cotton and 30% bamboo.

Added a card as well

Have a great summer Keren, I love the bag you made for Nili, it's gorgeous!


ruthi said...

looks great

tzik said...

Poor Keren...I guess she will have to deal with it all summer.

sivan said...

התיק הזה הורסססססססססססססססססססס



זיקוקה הבאת אותה בשיחוק
התיק משגע

Keren said...

I just LOVE my new bag!!!
Thanks so much for a fabulous bag! It is just perfect, with all its little details: the pockets, the buttons, the gorgeous bamboo handles, the beautiful purple lining fabric and the flawless knitting - the list just goes on and on… and you were right - I would have never knitted a bag myself! Thanks!


Hatuli said...

It's a beautiful bag!! Lucky Keren!!