Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Baby booties

Who said baby booties are only for winter? It’s freezing inside air-conditioned places during summer isn’t it? These are made from 100% organic cotton fiber, using crochet knitting needle number 2.5.

I once wrote a tutorial for knitting them, it’s still available on YNET craft forum only in Hebrew, I can translate it to English, just email me if you’re interested.

Here they are all wrapped up in a little box, it's 8.5 X 11.5cm big that's about 3.5 X 4.5 inch.

I received the tin box with a disk on key as a promotion, this is what it looked like before I embellished it with Basic Grey paper, ribbons and a congratulations rub-on.

I thought the little tin containers were so cool that I collected a few when these disks on keys were distributed, most of the people that received them were ready to throw the tin away, and wouldn’t that be a waste?


שוקולדי said...

הנעלולים מקסימים והקופסא תותחית, אחלה מיחזור.... אין עליך ועל העבודות שלך, תמיד הכל מדוייק ומושלם....

Hatuli said...

The booties are so cute, and it's lucky the tin wasn't thrown away!

ruthi said...

if i'll become a grandma, will you make me some ? but i want the box too. i love the booties and the box.