Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hosting living room

We had six 11 year old from my daughter’s class at school for an afternoon called “hosting living room”, the kids in the 5th grade are divided into groups and each group visits the home of one of the volunteers. We always volunteer, my kids love it as we get to send out our personal invitations, decide on where and when, choose whatever activity we would like to have and there are no rules except mine (-:
This time we decided to have two activities, a creative one and a game, as it’s a mixed group of boys and girls and we wanted to please them all.
For the creative activity we chose to make eraser pencil toppers from Sculpey eraser clay.
The kids had a great time, they made all kind of funny little monsters and as they were working we were talking and saying that there are no rules for monsters, they don’t have to be pretty, they don’t have to be symmetrical, you can just go wild with your imagination and I think this is why they enjoyed it so much as they didn’t spend time making it as it should be or as expected, they just let their creativity go.
I took a picture only of the 3 my daughter made as I didn't have time to take a picture of all their cerations while they were here, I was busy entertaining...

There are fantastic other projects on the Sculpey web site, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Thanks to Michal for the idea and to Ruthy for buying the clay for us!
While the eraser toppers were in the oven (30 minutes, 100 degrees Celsius) we played a great card game called ‘Pit deluxe’, it’s such a fast-paced game that encourages shouting and yelling, You have to be well prepared in order to play it especially with kids (-:
Oh BOY the neighbors will never forgive me because the noise was unbelievable but the kids had a great time and that is what’s important to me after all. I think that most kids hear most of the time grown ups asking them to be quiet and here they were asked to make a noise, they appreciated that! Thanks to Koby for introducing the game to us.
They each left when the afternoon was over with a huge smile on their faces and my daughter was so happy and when she’s happy I’m happy.


Hagit said...

What a cool idea, the hosting living room, and what a cool mom you are!

ruthi said...

glad i was of help to make some kids happy

Hatuli said...

Sounds like the kids had lots of fun. I'm happy my idea was helpful :)