Friday, January 11, 2008

Fleece & fabric scarf

How about a project for the weekend? It's the coldest day of this winter so far and is there anything cozier than fleece? You already know I am crazy for scarves so a combination of the two suits me just fine (-:

A few weeks ago I made a fleece scarf with fabric on both sides

Then I saw Aliner’s scarves, and I was inspired to make one using more than one fabric. Aliner creates the most magnificent things from fabric, I love her work visit her ETSY and her blog in Hebrew, even if you can't read it just look at the photographs of her work.

Start out measuring a 1.50m’ X 35cm’ (60 inch X 14 inch) piece of fleece, you can use a few colors of fleece; here I combined a piece of cream color as well as the main olive shade I used.

You can make it wider if you like wide scarves; take into account that the width measurement divided by 2 will be the final width of your scarf. Lately I like my scarves not so wide…
Choose your patterned fabrics, I purchased mine at Artishok, you can use as many as you like.

Cut out relatively thin and light iron-on interface, a piece for each fabric, cut the interface a little bigger than your fabric to make sure it’s all covered. The interface will prevent the fabric from fraying at the edges.
Take out your ironing board, lay out the fabrics on the interfacing, note the glossy glue on the one side of your interfacing, you need to have the sticky side up and the left side of your fabric on top of it (don’t you just hate it when you end up ironing the sticky side and it sticks to your iron?)

Cover with a thin cotton cloth and iron just enough to make the fabrics edges stay on the interface (5-10 seconds), now flip and iron from the back side. Do the same with all your fabric pieces.

After it cool’s off trim the edges.

Assemble all the pieces together with pins any way you want just make sure you lay the right side of the fabric on the right side of the fabric beside it.

Sew all the pieces together so you get one long piece.

Iron the stitches open, do it with a relatively cool iron and keep the iron mainly on the fabric and not the fleece as we tend to refer to fleece as fabric but it’s not, no fibers there, it’s closer to plastic then it is to fabric, it’s synthetic and can actually melt from the heat of the iron.

Now fold your scarf in half, all length, making sure you lay the right side of the fabric on the right side of the fabric, so that you get a long scarf about 17cm’ (7 inches) wide.
Sew all the way around leaving the bottom part open so you can turn your scarf to the right side.

Now turn it.

Cover with a thin cotton cloth and iron gently just to flatten it a little.

Now hand stitch the bottom part you left open.

And there you have it.
Good luck and enjoy (-:


יפעת said...

We r back in brown??
I love the combination between the fabrics. It's very "new"...
love you and your creativity.
Thank u 4 the day I will try making "games with fabrics"
or vahava, k'

yafit said...

My Dear

Its look very elegant and easy to do, The fabric is lovely and I like the combination with the green fliz.

Many Thankd for the project description and the great photo.



skubach said...

Just beautiful!
I love the color coordination and the fabric...
So frastrating - I've got the fabrics, I've got a new scarf pattern but I have no machine for the next 3 months...
Your scarf just makes me lose my patience...

Love it!

Michal said...

You are just full of ideas, aren't you?? I love this scarf!! Thanks for the instructions!

AD creates said...

Thank you all (-: