Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vinny's birthday

Vinny's birthday was celebrated yesterday, it's a special birthday as in less then 3 weeks she is also getting married!
I had so many things to write and wish her for both events so I ended up making 2 cards and 2 presents.
I made her a scarf suitable for spring and autumn as it's made of cotton fabrics. I always find it to hot to use a wool scarf in these seasons but still feel the chilly air in the morning round my neck so I thought it's a perfect solution. I made a similar one in winter using cotton and fleece, both inspired by Aliner’s one .

And here it is wrapped up

And the card that went with it

And the second card

And the scrappy cubes I made for her using the couple's photographs, sorry it's all blurred but I'm not sure they want their faces on the Internet.
The cubes are made from solid wood and are 9X9cm', I purchased them at a Netanella's scrap party that was so much fun!

I now have 10 new cubes to embellish, 3 for my desk at work and 3 for each grandmother, the last one is for a test project.
If you create such a project note that gel glues are not recommended, as the wood absorbs all the moisture in them and the paper tends to separate from the cube, rather use double sided tacky tape, mod Podge or rubber adhesive.

Vinny IS GETTING MARRIED and she has a birthday and she's looking so radiant and happy and in love! I'm so excited for her...


mikush said...

Super present from a one of kind woman to a lovely bride... everything is so beautiful, Chapeau!!

mekoopelet said...

וואו, איזה מבול של דברים מקסימים