Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tote fever

Spring is in the air (-: It’s 26 degrees Celsius today, the citrus trees are in bloom and the smell is magnificent, all the shop windows are full of spring and summer clothes in bright colors, black is out, yellow, green and white are in!
I made 2 totes, the first one is quite big 53X48cm’ (21X19 inch), fabrics are in my favorite combination of pink and green pastels, it has an outside pocket with a satin pink ribbon, the matching lining inside has another big pocket, one never has enough pockets for keys, cellular phone and such.

The other one is in black, white and red, it’s much smaller 39X25cm’ (15 X 10 inch), it also has a big pocket inside and the one on the outside is suitable for sun glasses, told you I was getting ready for spring.

This is so much fun, the only reason I stopped is because my sewing machine is making a most frightening noise and I must take it for repair )-:


שוקולדי said...

זיקוקה- התיקים מתוקים, מתוקים, נשיקות שוקו

יפעת said...

השילובים כל כך יפים ומיוחדים, נראה לי שאני הכי אוהבת את השחור לבן
בהחלט מרענן ביותר לקראת האביב