Friday, March 14, 2008

Kids birthday

My 11 year old twins celebrated their birthday in February, birthday morning I left a track of red and pink hearts from their room to the dinning room where they found balloons, each had a voucher connected to it, a voucher for a kiss and hug, a voucher for hot chocolate and brownies in our favorite coffee shop, a voucher for a present etc.
What’s a birthday without a party? Guy had his friends over for a pajama party two weeks ago and today Raz celebrated with her friends; we had a scrap party and altered coffee tins (all of them almost identical, I created one as and example and most of them copied it, girls…), had too much pizza and popcorn and watched a great movie, Bridge to Terabithia. Photos aren't that good, there is something wrong with the camera...
Special thanks to Ruthi for helping out with the girls, to Yafit for the paper and to Tzik for the internship (-:
Birthday project 2008 is officially over! This week, now that my sewing machine returned from repair I’m going to dedicate to sewing their costumes for Purim.


ruthi said...

it was a great pleasure helping you out and fun working with the girls. big hug to raz and guy.
and again: happy birthday !!!

Anonymous said...


הקופסאות נפלאות וזה לא חדש

העונג לי לראות את הציודים שלי על עבודות כאלה יפות
ולא נשכח להודות לחותך עיגולים שעשה עבודתו נאמנה :-)

שבת שלום

Hatuli said...

Happy birthday to the tweens!! I'm sure they had tons of fun for their birthday :-)

Gaby Bee. said...

I think your twins had a lot of fun for their birthday....:- Take care!

שוקולדי said...

הקופסאות יצאו מקסים, אני נזכרת בהתחבטויות איזה נייר יהיה הכי טוב... בחרת נפלא... אך, איזה אמא מופלאה את...