Friday, March 7, 2008

Pillowcase bag

I saw a pillowcase bag on Maya's blog (in Hebrew), it's one of Martha Stewart's classics (this one is in English of course).
My mother has a shelf full of pillowcases she brought from the USA thirty years ago, they are quite old fashioned but I thought with some embellishments this one could work as a bag. The basic bag is very easy to make (see Martha's illustration) and I suppose if you make it out of a gorgeous pillow case it wouldn't need any embellishments at all, mind you if I had a gorgeous pillow case I'm quite sure I wouldn't want to cut it up and make a bag out of it (-:
The henhouse met on Thursday and it was a good opportunity to try it out, thanks girls for your support as always, the laughs and the excellent food!
As the pillow case I used needed additional zest I created a pocket in front and added some ribbons and a gigantic button that did the trick and gave it the look I was looking for. I also created longer straps as I think it's more convinient.
I'm pleased, it will make a sweet summer tote, now I have an urge for some more totes, comming soon (-:


ruthi said...

i told you yesterday and i'm telling you again: only you can make a designer item of a pillowcase.

mikush said...

Great and wonderful pillowbag!!

Orit said...

It is a beautiful pillowbag!!