Friday, February 29, 2008


Friday morning is my cooking time, I love my cooking, the only thing I would like someone else to do for me is peel the vegetables, I have vegetables for the soup and vegetables for the stew and vegetables for the meatballs and usually a trash can full of vegetable peels at the end but luckily throwing out the garbage is someone else’s chore.
I love the color of the fresh vegetables and their smell and to think that before I was 16 I refused to even taste them.

And when I'm finished I forget how I hate peeling vegetables until the next Friday (-: This weekend we're having meatballs in tomato and beer sauce with peas

And a beef stew with root vegetables in red wine sauce

I worked quite an appetite writing this post, going to have something to eat (-:

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Mira's place said...

WOW!! every thing looks soooooo yummi !!!