Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's PURIM!!

Purim is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the deliverance of the Jewish people of the ancient Persian Empire from Haman's plot to annihilate them, it's celebrated annually and is characterized by giving mutual gifts of food and drink, giving charity to the poor, a celebratory meal, and other fun customs that include drinking wine, wearing masks and costumes, and public celebrations.
We like to make our own costumes, it's usually the kids that come up with ideas and I carry them out into something they can wear.
Besides my 3 kids, I usually also create a costume for Tamara, Guy's friend ever since kindergarten, as they dress up as a pair.
This year Raz wanted to dress up as a tea bag (-: I made it from paper cloth as it's quite see-through, there are 3 layers of the material, one for the back whereas the other 2 are sewn together at the bottom and filled with little pieces of black wool to create the tea leaves effect. All 3 layers are sewn together on the sides and shoulders. The tag is made from paper and cardstock to resemble the real labels that are interwoven in her hair.

Guy and Tamara wanted to dress up as a painter and his palette. To create the palette I used an old cotton sheet and sewed pieces of colored felt onto it.

For the painter we took an old shirt from daddy and smeared it with acrylic colors, painted a canvas the same colors that are on the palette, put a French baret hat on his head (thanks Ifaat!) and drew a black mustache on his face. The paintbrush is made from a black colored cardboard cylinder stuffed with newspapers on one side and a real paintbrush glued in the other side.

Each year I think, WOW we did it again, what will they think of next year? They always manage to surprise me. Last year they dressed up in a costume we named "crazy chef frying a sunny-side up egg".

This is Guy and Raz when they were 3 years old.

And as I'm in a nostalgic mood today, this is me and my brother, 38 years ago in costumes my mother made for us.

Happy holiday to all those celebrating!!


Orit said...

the costumes are beautiful!!
the teabag is briliant!!

Daphnalula said...

Cool post - cool costumes, and the olds pics are great!
I liked the tea bag idea as well- nice touch with the black wool!!