Saturday, March 22, 2008

Friday market

On Friday we drove into Tel Aviv, we love walking through the artist market in Nachlat Binyamin. I do like creating all kinds of things by myself but nevertheless I get great pleasure in purchasing art and crafts from others.
Last time we were there we met Rachel Sidi, she makes stuffed dolls, and her stand is right next to the stringed instruments quartet. Rachel’s dolls are the old fashioned kind; she makes them from cotton, fleece, fur, and more. They are all in beautiful natural colors and they remind me of my childhood.
Guy wanted the olive green and white checked teddy bear; we call him “Pasim”, which means stripes in Hebrew. Raz chose the grey fleece hare, we call her “Shuli”. This time we visited we bought presents for friends.
Rachel encourages the children that pass by her stand to come over, touch, hold and play with her dolls, while you listen to music by Beethoven and Shubert.

On our way back to the car we purchased fruit and vegetables in the market. Winter is over and the strawberry season is nearly gone, we purchased sweet and wonderful organic strawberries so I can make jam and we can preserve this winter fruit we love so much.


Mira's place said...

The jam looks sooo yummi.

And the bear and bunny are so cute!

יפעת said...

חשבתי שצטרפת להחלפת התותים.
הצילום של הריבה מיוחד ומאוד יצירתי
אוהבת את סגנון הכתיבה שלך ואת המרץ.
פורים שמח

Hatuli said...

"Pasim" and "Shuly" are beautiful, and the jam looks delicious!!