Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Baby blanket

My friend's daughter gave birth to a baby girl, second granddaughter to grandma (-: I made a fleece blanket for the baby. It's made of 2 layers of fleece to make it nice and cozy, one with a teddy bear pattern and the other a plain red, I added a little teddy to match and tied a red bow to his neck, I just love teddy bears!
Grandmother Gila (she'll probably kill me for calling her that) is a very talented woman, she creates the most exquisite tiaras, fabulous hair jewelry for brides and today she is participating in her first fashion show!! She has a magnificent product and she's a very special woman which I love very much and wish her all the success in the world! I'll post pictures of her tiaras soon.


שוקולדי said...

הבייבי בלנקט הזה מ-ד-ה-י-ם
והדובון מוסיף לו המון חן
והכי כיף שזה אצלנו בבית
תודה, אוהבת אותך

ruthi said...

another good reason the embrace the thought of becoming an grandma.

קינשסה said...

כל מה שאת נוגת בו הופך לזהב.
הרעיון של הביבי דובי קשור בסרט וצמוד לשמיכי בכלל משדרג את המתנה...