Sunday, November 18, 2007

"Face" cards

These are so cute and so easy to create, I saw something simillar in a magazine named 'You go girl' a few months ago and I can't get enough of them. What I like about them the most is that they can suit every ocasion so they are great to have around the house. Every once in a while I need a card NOW, a last minute party or occasion I forgot about... When I create these I keep them blank without the stamped wording and at the last minute I can add (or not) an apropriate line.
All you do is divide your card into 2 parts, each part a different color, I like the use of black and white. Take a ribbon and adhere it at the center of your card all across.
Take a silk flower and cut it in half, you can adhere both parts together to get a puffy look and you can use just the one half, adhere it above the ribbon in the middle of your card.
You can also stick a bow or button or any embellishment in the middle.
Now all that's left is to doodle the face, you can draw any expression, a smile is always nice but other options can be an O shaped mouth for an astonished look or a curved mouth for a sad effect, play and experiment with it, it's fun!

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