Monday, November 19, 2007

Crisscross scarves

I love winter, it gives me a chance to knit and the scarf is certainly THE winter accessory as far as I'm concerened. This year I created a few of these simple crisscross scarves, I gave a couple as birthday presents and made 2 for my private collection.
If you want one just follow these easy guidelines:

You will need a #5 hook and 1.5 packs of single color wool (100gr packs) and 1.5 packs of a thicker, more colorful wool for the crisscross.Chain about 300, it depends how long you want your scarf as this scarf is knitted across.
First line: sc in each chain (you can skip this line and start from line 2, it gives the scarf a nice finish but I created a few without this line and they came out just fine.
Second line-the end: chain 4, skip one sc from the first line, dc in next sc, chain 1, skip one sc from the first line, dc in next sc etc until the end of the line.
Turn over and repeat line 2.I like my scarves nice and wide so I knitted 17 lines but I found that you can make do with 12-13 lines, If you want a throw you can knitt 30 lines.
You basically get a net pattern.
When you reach the width you want, take your colorfull thicker wool (suitable for hook 8) and crisscross across the net. Start the first one from the bottom of the net and the second from the top.Crisscross 2 rows in every dc line.
Make a knot at the begining and end, you can either tie the 2 to one another or tie each to the first dc in the row.
Leave the wool hanging on the sides to act as a fringe, I like it when it's not symmetrical, but if you want you can always cut them to the same lengh.

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Shirley said...

Thanks for sharing this. I saw it on Flickr and just bought some beautiful yarn today. Maybe I'll give it a try!