Saturday, May 3, 2008

Wedding greeting card

Vinny got married on Friday! In a special place by the pool surrounded by grass and trees, a beautiful bride dressed in an exquisite dress, wearing red lacquer sandals, holding a unique bouquet. The music was great, lunch was fabulous, the barman was cute and very helpful, surrounded by great friends and a lot of love.
A wedding calls for a wedding card!
The base of the card is a 21.5X14 cm’ (8.5X5.5 inch) double sided cardstock in black and white flower pattern, the one side has a black background with white flowers and the other side is opposite. The center flower is made from ribbons connected in the middle by a button and the stem is sewn with a sewing machine.

The second layer is glued with little foam squres to give it dimension. I sewed around the card using black thread on top and white thread in the bottom spool so that the black thread will show on the white background of the cardstock and the white thread will show on the black background on the other side.

The back of the card has a little envelope in which I put their wedding present.

Vinny dear, I wish you and your husband all the best!!!!!


יפעת said...

מסכימה עם כל מילה שלך
ולא להאמין כמה שהכרטיס דומה לתיק שהגעת איתו
את מתוקתקת ברמות....
like alwayes....
כרטיס מעוצב בטוב טעם זיקוקי

מקופלת said...

איזה כרטיס מקסים
שילוב הצבעים של שחור, אדום ולבן פשוט משגע והביצוע כרגיל מושלם

Wedding greetings said...

Such a very beautiful wedding wishes card. Such a wonderful creation.