Friday, February 15, 2008

Winter sleep

It happens to me every year in winter, like the bears, I need my winter sleep only I don't actually sleep, I just loose my inspiration and anything I manage to create I'm usually not altogether happy with, I get so judgmental.
Today I thought I'll sit down and play around, something must come out... Took out my beloved Basic Grey paper, ink, ribbons and actually managed to create something (-: Yafit, my good friend gave me this sweeeeeet stamp set by Inkadinkado as a promo for my birthday, it’s a modular one, you can create your own images, stamp and color with aqvarel pencils, isn’t is fabulous? If you live in Israel you can get them at Artishok.

And this is the card


פרפרים said...

So sweet!
The set is really graet (so is Yafit for giving you this promo...)
and the card is so COOL!!!
Looks like you woke up from your winter sleep...


ruthi said...

what a reward for getting up early saturday morning. i love the card.

Michal said...

I love this card!! This stamp set looks like a really fun one!!

יפעת said...

The fard is so "zikokz" in the best way!!
goodddddddd morning darling!
It's good to have u back!

mic1 said...

Everytime I receive an update of your blog, I wonder what wonderful work I will see... this time a lovely, perfect and fine card very well done.
For sure Yafit knew who to give this lovely stamp set.

artishok said...

So Sweet my dear.

I told you your name was on This set when I ordered :-)This.

I am happy and hope you sleeping is over.

Hugs untill Thursday


AD creates said...

Thank you all (-: