Friday, December 21, 2007

Teddy bears

I took some lessons to learn the one stroke technique, we painted a few kinds of flowers and teddy bears. I must admit I think the flowers are so kitsch I'm not even going to share their photographs, I do like the teddy bears though, they are so sweet!
Painting is probably not one of my talents, I found the whole process quite exhausting but I finally managed to complete it and here it is, size is 27X9.5 inches (25X70 cm').
I once heard a saying "Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely", I hope to use the experience wisely.
I want to thank my dear friends Michal and Orly who sat by my side for their support (-:


מקופלת said...

i looked very closely, how can painting not be one of your talents?. its beautiful.
keep on the good work and im very curious about your the fabric works but ill wait patiently

ruthi said...

i am not a fan of one stroke painting either but i admire you for having the patient to produce such a perfect work.
teddies are sooooo cute. especially the frightend one in the middle.

tzik said...

You're killing me!
I see the shading problem and the fear in their eyes!
Get them down from there, the gorgeous sweaters are dry already!
We want to see the flowers...
We want to see the flowers...

AD creates said...


Michal said...

Zikuka the teddy bears are just perfect!! You did a good job with them, and I'm proud of you for this one :)

tiki p. said...

zikukit the paiting is beautiful, i loved the color and the positions of the bears, it's
you are so humble

i hope that you are going to continue in this kind of art.

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