Thursday, November 22, 2007

Granny squares

I love granny squares, when I was a child my mom made me a poncho from these granny squares, isn't it amazing that more than 30 years later I still love them and so does my daughter?A few days ago my friend Michal told me she took all her wool leftovers and started making granny squares for a scarf. As I have plenty of leftovers to say the least I began knitting, I use the following pattern, it's basic and simple, can change the color of the wool every line or every 2 lines or not at all.10-15 of these and you have a scarf, for a poncho it depends on the size, here's a diagram how to form a poncho shape.

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Hadar said...

רגע רגע רגע...
אפשר הדבר למאותגרות שלא מבינות תרשימים ובטח שלא באנגלית?
איך עושים את הריבועים האלה ואיך מחברים אותם?

תודה, הדרה